Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy #10 to Our Maddie!

The thought of Maddie being 10 is sort of killing me.  I am not nearly old enough to have a 10 year old, but, here we are.  Way too close to Junior High and High school and much to close to college and marriage. 

Maddie is an artist, pianist, horse lover, swimmer (FISH.), book worm.  I am talking book almost permanently affixed in her hands.

She is smart and joyful.  Her laugh is amazing, it always makes me smile!  I love her to death!!!

On the day she was born her doctor commented that she was the most beautiful baby that she had ever seen, even more so than her very own 6 children.  I must say that I agree!

Happy Birthday to our Maddie Bug!  We love you little one.

And today, with FRESHLY removed braces she is even more beautiful!!!!!


  1. Oooohh baby maddie is too cute! We sure enjoy that girl- happy birthday!