Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boise Idaho Temple Open House

Last night I had the opportunity to complete my 2nd shift of being a Tour Guide at the Boise Idaho Temple Open House.  What a magnificent, beautiful temple.  The craftsmanship and detail is breathtaking.  The pictures depicting the life of Christ and His teachings are beyond words.  (A few of which I would like to bring home!)

While being a Tour Guide I have had the opportunity to lead speaking and silent tours.  During which, the Spirit of the Lord was felt in the all who attended...members of our faith or not.  It is a truely amazing experience to be involved in such a wonderful event. 

One of my favorite parts is after seeing all of the the other rooms and hallways on the tour, and learning of their purpose and significance, and enjoying their beauty and splendor, entering into the Celestial Room where 2-3 minutes are spent in silence.  COMPLETE SILENCE.  I always hurry around to the doors where we will exit and quickly turn around to be able to witness people's faces as they see they beauty of the room and to see their expressions as they contemplate their own personal journey of faith.  I promise you that there has not been ONE time in that room that my eyes have not teared up.  It is beautiful to see people react to that room.

My husband had the opportunity to be the usher in the Celestial Room last night and spent 3 hours there.  He commented how special that experience was as he will probably never again have the chance to spend 3 entire hours in the Celestial Room.  He shared some of his special experiences with me that were so beautiful, but one I would like to share with you.  There were several little girls who came through with their family and after spending their time in the Celestial Room were exiting throught the door where he was standing.  One little girl about the age of 10 or 11 was looking out the door being able to see a long stretch of chandeliers and lights and said with a bright beaming smile, "This makes me feel like a princess."  To a man who has 4 daughters, this truely touched his heart.

I have had in my life many experiences that have changed my life and changed me spiritually a few are very SPECIFIC experiences and opportunities.  One was my service in the Primary in the Caldwell 8th Ward, this was an experience that spanned over a few years.  The second has been my service in the Mountain View Ward Primary and is still ongoing, the third, the opportunity I had to speak in our Stake Conference 6 months ago, and the fourth...being in the Boise Idaho Temple Open House.  The Spirit is there, it is strong.  People's minds and hearts WILL be changed about our faith and what we believe and even perhaps their own.  People will desire to know more and will crave to keep the feeling that they felt in the temple.

As a tour guide I have the opportunity to share a brief testimony of the temple with the visitors, usually in the Instruction Room prior to entering the Celestial Room.

"I am so thankful for this beautiful temple.  The temple is a place of great importance to me.  It is a place where I can come to meditate and contemplate.  It is a place of peace where I can come to escape the noise of the world.  Even though there is a freeway just outside these walls, all you hear is silence and peace.  The children sing a song about the temple.  They sing, "for the temple is a holy place, a place of love and beauty."  I hope that you have felt the love that resides inside these temple walls as I have.  I hope that you have felt the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior.  And I hope that you have felt of the peace the temple provides."

Take your families, old and young.  Take your friends, members of our church and those of other faiths.  Go by yourself.  JUST GO.  You will be sad if you miss this opportunity, there is a place in your heart that is waiting to be filled with the Spirit that the temple has to offer.

I love my faith, I love my family, I love the temple.  I love ETERNAL families and the promise of ETERNAL life.  Most of all I love my Savior and Redeemer.  He makes all of these precious gifts possible.

Entryway to the Temple

The chandelier and stained glass window in the Celestial Room that I spoke of.

{Believe me, these views are a million times more spectacular in person!}

Monday, October 15, 2012


...enough with the Chevron Stipes already!  They make me want to poke my eyes out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


THE ABSOLUTE BEST SHOW ON T.V.!!!!!  If you haven't watched should check it out.  This show makes me laugh, smile, think, and tear up every single episode!  The characters are lovable and real and the story lines are so relatable to anyone's life.  They have happiness and struggles and my very most favorite part is that they are all so close to eachother and have such beautiful relationships together.  They are always talking about how important their family is to them and I so LOVE that in a world where that is not alway the case.  They love eachother and they fight with eachother and they know eachothers strengths and triumphs as well as their weaknesses and hardships.  The writers of this show truely capture the beauty of what being a family is all about!  I so love my families, and hope that we can all be as close as the Bravermans.  (Even if it does mean we are all nosey and know eachother's business.)

The Johnson Clan, unfortunately missing David and Kevin.

The Cutler Clan, a million years ago, missing, Mia, Carrie, Callie, Emerson, Cade, Hallie, Lillie, Henry.  OK guys, I think that we really all need to get together in one place and get a new photo!
My Cutler Clan...I love all of these crazy little people so much!!!  And I love the big person so much that words could never even say.  Thanks for being my family!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Handsome Hubs!

Happy Birthday to my hottie of a husband and the awesomest dad around!  We love you so much and are thankful for you every day...we are blessed to have you!  Thanks for always taking such good care of us and putting up with all of our crazy estrogen!  I know that it can't be easy living with so many CRAZY women!

I have loved you for more than half of my life...I would be no where with out you.  You are the most wonderful thing that Heavenly Father has blessed me with.  (There are others as well, but today it is all about you!)   I am so glad that you chose me, you are indeed what makes me complete!