Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Kids Day Camp

Mia was able to attend the Sweet Kids Day Camp put on by the Humphrey's Diabetes Center.  It was such a fantastic positive experience for her!

She was able to go all day for 3 days and play games and do activities, learn about taking care of herself and her diabetes, and meet LOTS of other kids...JUST LIKE HER!

On the last day they have a parent group where I was able to go and learn so many wonderful things with parents...JUST LIKE ME!  It was so validating to hear other parents have the same concerns and frustrations as I do.

I am so very thankful for the AMAZING jof they did putting this on!  Way to go Alyssa and Anna! (They are Mia's dietitian and nurse at the HDC.)

Mia in her Monkey face paint after the last day trip to the Zoo and a clown back at camp!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Oh, my!!!  I cannot believe that my baby is 9 years old!  These past 9 years have flown makes me nervous to think about how fast the next 9 will go.  Then, she really won't be my baby anymore.  She will leave me and go off to college and be a real live big person...and...well...let's not think about that!

Maddie is a...
...lover of books!  She reads and reads... sometimes I worry that her eyeballs may fall out!

...thinker and builder.  She loves to build things with Gramma Cutler's lincoln logs, draw fancy and intricate pictures, and think up all kinds of projects for me to do or sew.


...swimmer!!!  She loves to swim and has spent countless hours in the pool this summer.

...growing girl.  I am pretty sure that I will have to buy 4 sets of pants for school. This girl is a growin'!  And by all of the leg aches and growing pains I am sure that she will be 6 feet tall by sixth grade.  OK, well, probably not but it seems that way!  She is becoming quite the beautiful young girl.  I love her gorgeous brown hair that is the most perfect shade of darks and highlights...and after a night of wild sleep hair tangling a simple brushing and it is suddenly beautiful!  I love her GIANT sparkly brown eyes that light up when she smiles and has done something she is proud of or thought of her next great and genious idea!

I love my little baby girl who was always so easy going, never (and I am not even kidding) threw a terrible toddler tantrum, and who seems to be a delightful student at all times!!!

(Now, I will have to save all of the crazy, post for another day!)

Happy Birthday darling girl!!!!!  I love you so much it hurts sometimes!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Sydnie spoiled us with a fancy butterfly farm this spring....I am pretty sure that I was more excited and intrigued than the children were...oh, and fascinated!!

The caterpillars came in the mail in a little jar where they ate "Frass" to their little hearts content. 

Then, they formed into a crysalis and hung from the top of the jar for 2 days.

Here is what they look like when they are all formed.  Once they have all been in this stage for the 2 days, we transferred the paper and crysali to the top of the butterfly farm.

They stayed in this stage for about 10 days.....then one morning while I was getting breakfast I heard fluttering inside and I about had a heartattack!  They had emmerged!!  They were so beautiful.  We even happened to catch one as it was coming out of the crysalis.  It was such a fast and amazing process!!  We really enjoyed watching them fly around and play for the next few weeks.

They eat sugar water or sugary fruits.  We also put in some carnations.  (They seemed to prefer the sugar water.)

We released them by the marigolds so that they would have lots of nectar to drink!!  We had such a fun time with this spring/summer science project....I think that we will have to do it again next year!