Saturday, October 15, 2011

September 28, 2011

We recently had Carrie's surgery. Everything went very well and Dr. Churney felt that they were able to accomplish the things that they were hoping to! Carrie has done very well and has been so brave. She got quite teary as they were getting ready to wheel her off to surgery, but thankfully had been given some medication that relaxed her and made it so that she didn't remember that part of the day! Wish Ryan and I had some!

The time while she was in surgery was surprisingly calm. Ryan and I were relaxed and had such a warm feeling of peace and comfort while she was away from us. We had my parents and aunt there with us and we knew that the other three girls were being loved and taken care by Ryan's parents. We didn't have to worry for a minute!

Looking back on that day I know that we have been truely blessed by the spirit of the Lord through the fasting and the prayers of so many who we have been blessed with in our lives. We didn't feel anxious or nervous (well, maybe at moments), we weren't worried in a frantic way.

When we were able to see her in the recovery room she was still VERY sleepy. Her new Tiana barbie doll was decked out with the exact same bandages as Carrie we all thought it was so awesome! Truth be told, once Carrie was interested in Tiana again, she was not quite as amused! Carrie had some wonderful nurses who frech braided her hair and I suspect have created a life long obsession with braids! She asks for them often!

The first night in the PICU was pretty quiet. And the first thing that I noticed was that Carrie wasn't snoring. I could not believe my ears. She could put old men to shame with her snoring! We knew that the surgery would possibly take care of that "little" problem. Money well spent!

Carrie suffered from severe nausea and had a really hard time keeping anything down. This proved to transfer home with us as well. The first three days that we were here I thought that I was going to have an emotional and mental breakdown every five minutes! We would get her through 12-16 hours with no vomiting and then it would happen again. So discouraging.

The nurses and doctors at St. Lukes were so wonderful and we couldn't have been better cared for. Carrie wasn't always happy to see the medicine givers and vitals takers, but would flop that arm over anyways to get her IV meds or have her vitals taken. Towards the end of her stay it was so hilarious to see her just lazily flop that little arm!

We brought her home on Ryan's birthday (a pretty great present if you ask me) and she was delighted to be here! Maddie, Mia and Callie were so happy to have us all home together!

Like I said before, the next few days were a little rough, but Thursday morning she turned that perverbial "corner" we had been hearing so much about and was on the road back to normal. She awoke demanding rice krispies and ready for some off of the couch play time. The days that followed were so much better and before we knew it our joyful, singing, LOUD, sweet angel girl was back to her normal self! The last of her bandage finally came off a few days ago and now little Miss Carrie is all better!

She has been a patient (for the most part) girl and has been so good about any restrictions that she was given. She has been cleared for normal 3 year old behavior. Jumping on and off of things, riding bikes and playing on the playground! We are so happy that we are through with this chapter. She will have an MRI next summer to check on the syrinx in her spinal column. We hope and pray that we find everything has dissipated and is all back to normal.

Thank you to everyone who fasted and prayed, brought meals and presents, and for all who have been thinking of us. We have felt everyone in our hearts and we know that the Lord has truely blessed our little Carrie and our family. I have always heard stories of people's blessings from fasting and prayer and I have a few of my own...but the experience that we have had with Carrie's surgery is amazing and feelings I have felt intense and I cannot deny the Lord's hand in taking care of our baby girl and our family.