Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Baby Girl!

Today is Callie's birthday...officially the fastest year of my life! We have enjoyed every minute with her....ok, maybe not the high pitched squeal crying!

She is such a sweet little girl. Loves to snuggle and give kisses. She is always happy to see us when we return home or go to get her in her crib. She LOVES her big sisters and is doing a pretty great job at keeping up with them.

Callie loves to play peek-a-boo, she folds her arms for the prayer, and she has some super duper awesome dance moves!!!!!

We sure do enjoy our little Callie-ballie! We are excited to see what the next year with her will bring. I am personally excited for walking and pig tails. Two of the cutest things a baby girl does!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carrie....to cute for words!

Today Carrie came into the kitchen, probably scrounging for food! She put her cute little arms around my legs and I leaned down so that she could see my face and said, "Carrie, I love you!" She looked up at me and said, "I love you, too!" I picked her up and said, "Give me a hug." And with those cute little arms around my neck, one hand patting my back she said, "This makes my heart happy!"

Oh my, there may have been some tears in this ol' tearless girl's eyes!

What a sweet little moment.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Carrie is 3 today!!! I cannot believe that she is growing up so fast. She is so fun and energetic (could also be read as sneaky and naughty). She is sweet with all of the random cheek kisses and leg hugs. And let's not for the the...."Oh momma, I wuv your shirt..you look pretty!" She keeps us on our toes and she is definitely a cherished spirit in our home!

We are so thankful to have our little miracle baby. We could have easily lost her prior to or during birth (as my Dr. so wisely shared with my mom after she was born and not me!) but Heavenly Father has a plan for her. He needed her to be here in our family and we are so thankful for that!

So Miss Carrie...have a lovely day! Loves and kisses from Momma, Daddy, Mae Mae, Mia and Callie!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Now add 5 minutes and you have the time at which my alarm clock has been going off the past 2 weeks each morning.....yes, I said morning! Now, for those of you who know me then you know how much I value sleep. As in maybe my favorite thing EVER. So, why is this happening???

Well, I have become slightly addicted to running(ALSO A HOLY COW MOMENT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW ME!) at the gym. However, it is really hard to actually make it to the gym in the afternoons or evenings with 4 kids and 1 hubs. Spending time refereeing fighting after school and plastered to the couch after the kids go to bed is so much more appealing! So, bright and early it is.

And, another thing that I thought would never pass my lips.....it is actually really nice to get up and moving, showered and ready and done with half my list by 9:30 am. Who knew???

I hope that soon I can get used to being a bit tired...maybe I should be better about going to bed earlier as well! So, when you see me and I look like a zombie or slur my words, rest assured that it is the lack of sleep talking, I have not taken up afternoon cocktails!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Winter....

I was so happy at the beginning of our relationship....the thouhts of the beautiful snowy landscapes you would provide and the fun times of the Holidays. We enjoyed so much the joy that Christmas brought with all of our family. But lately I have been so unhappy.

You no longer give me hope of beautiful snowy days, just endless forcasts of freezing cold temperatures. So many gloomy days filled with inversions and S.A.D. I am not sure that our relationship is healthy!

I must say, that my hopes have wandered to a more cheery, green, warm season. I find myself dreaming of laughing flowers and leaves rustling in the wind. I no longer long to see you each day. I am so sorry for the disappointment that this must bring you.

So, from this day on, we are over. I no longer want to bundle up in giant coats and run to and from the garage with frozen fingers and toes. You need to pack up your brown grass and bare trees and hit the road!


This is what I am longing for...........

Hey, girl can dream, right? I did take this picture from under a palm tree while enjoying a lazy day at the ocean.