Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ryan and I have recently returned from the beautiful and warm Hawaii! Do I even need to say that we loved it and had a wonderful time? We met our friends John and Dana in Honolulu and then the following fun ensued:

Day One:
We arrived early evening on Wednesday and straight from the airport went looking for Costco.....yep, Costco. Even in Hawaii! We had a yummy lasagna dinner and then went out for a walk in down town Honolulu.

Day Two:
Snorkeling in Haunama Bay. It is always so awesome to snorkel in the ocean and see all of the beautiful life that lives under the water. We were able to snap some beautiful pictures that can be seen in the slide show!

Day Three:
Ryan and I hiked to Diamond Head. What a fun hike. TONS of stairs and really beautiful views of the ocean and of the island. Then we all headed to the Hawaii temple open house. We learned that it had been closed since 2008 for renovations. It is beautiful inside. It has many stained glass windows that are gorgeous! After the temple we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. What a fascinating place that is! The canoe parade was so amazing and the presentations at each village were incredible. The guy who sang at the Hawaii village was so talented. We could have listened for hours! Then off to the Luau with delicious pork, chicken, fish, sweet potatoe salad, rice, and many other yummy things. I could have eaten for days there! After we filled our bellies we headed over to the theatre to watch the "Ha, the Breath of Life" show. Wow was that cool! All of the singers and dancers were incredible. So many talented people!

Day Four:
The day began with the boys watching the BYU game and Dana and I heading out for some yummy breakfast. We then headed out to the Swap Meet that is in the parking lot of the University of Hawaii stadium. That is a whole lot of vendors. We had fun people watching, shopping and eating a delicious snow cone. We found lots of little treasures. We then headed out to go hike to Manoa Falls. This hike was truely beautiful going through lush green trees and bamboo. It was so beautiful. Sticky and humid, bugs, and lots of mud.......all worth it to be in such a beautiful place!

Day Five:
We headed out on a scenic drive off to find some beaches and water for snorkeling. Ryan and Johnny chased a turtle...the got some pictures and were even able to get close enought to touch it. Truely one of the highlights of the trip for Ryan! We enjoyed the beaches and beautiful day. We did visit several that day as we hopped from spot to spot.

Day Six:
Unfortunately the trip had to end this day. Off to the airport to fly home and hope that we got there at all! We were flying stand-by...always a gamble! So, after a bit of nervous stress I got onto the first flight out, thank you teenage girl who showed up a couple minutes later sorry that your mom yelled at you on the phone, and my sweet husband stayed behind to catch a later flight. He did get a flight that unfortunately didn't arrive in time to catch a connecting flight and he got to spend one more night of vacation in Portland.

So, long story short, we had an incredible time in Hawaii and I hope that we can go back sometime. Thank you (a GIANT thank you) to our wonderful grandma, aunt and great aunt to took care of our children. You are all so appreciated! We are so blessed and spoiled to have you!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to our loved and spoiled daddy...aka: Birthday Boy! The girls were so cute this morning referring to Ryan as "The Birthday Boy". Seriously, these girls are so cute!

Anyways, we love you Birthday Boy, thanks for loving all of us girls and we hope that we keep your brain damage to a minimum today!

Ryan and I in Cali with Ben and Liz.....weren't we cute, young newly weds!?

Ryan and Callie having a snuggle

Ryan and Carrie at the bowling alley on Christmas Eve

Maddie giving Daddy a smooch..seriously, does it get any cuter than this!?

Ryan and Princess Mia at the Grand Ball