Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dave Barnes Concert at Alive After Five

So, Ryan and I have been huge fans of Dave Barnes for oh I don't know, 4 or 5 years. We have always hoped that he would make out to Idaho from Tennessee.....well, my sweet husband who is always checking in on the music happenings of his favorite artists found out that Dave Barnes had been added to the Alive After Five schedule. Needless to say we were so excited! So, we immediately booked out favorite babysitters (Gramma Lee Lee and Sydnie) and put it on the calendar. We went with our friends and their cutest little kids....their little girl just couldn't get enough dancing and wanted to be front and center to the stage. What a CUTIE!

Boise also did not disappoint in the crazies department....there are always the weirdest people who decide to grace us with their weird, crazy, sometimes down right aweful girl had a very short sun dress on and most of the crowd saw her "sunshine". A word of advice to this chick....if you are going to wear a dress that short when it is windy outside, at least wear underwear that actually covers your bottom!

We got to meet Dave Barnes after and get a picture and autograph...just another one we can check off our growing list! We asked him how hard it was to keep from laughing at all of the crazy people and he said that a few times he couldn't help but laugh out loud in the microphone! We were laughing at him and the band members because they were all laughing up there. He said when they got off stage and went into the building they all burst out into laughter.....oh how I wish I could have heard that conversation!

We had a great time laughing and singing and dancing. So glad that we were able to go! Here's some pictures............