Sunday, March 28, 2010

Callie's First Month and Baby Blessing

Well, we have made it one whole month! Callie is growing like a weed and getting cuter everyday!!! She is such a great baby and is a trooper to put up with the constant touching and rubbing of her head and endless baby talk from her big sisters who love her more than I could have even imagined! They are always so sweet with her and love her to pieces!

Callie was 8 lb 10 oz at 3 weeks, 3 oz shy of one whole pound since birth! She has begun to smile, what a reward that is for all of the hard work, a little piece of heaven if you ask me! She is a fabulous eater and even more fabulous sleeper at night! She has spoiled me that is for sure.

Today Ryan gave Callie her baby blessing at church. It was such a sweet blessing, he always does such a lovely job. He is the BEST daddy! These are lucky little girls!

We were blessed to have many family members and friends in attendance and we hope that all of you know how much we love and appreciate. And to those of you who are far away, we missed seeing your faces but we are just thankful to have had you there in our hearts!

We are enjoying our new family life with 4 girls, they are truely little angels (and at times little devils!) who make our day each time they smile!!!!!