Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed and I can't believe that we are only 7 weeks until a new baby comes!

We are mostly moved in to our new home....except for those few little nagging stragglers that are always hanging around for a few weeks. But, we have made great progress considering 2 families in one home, one moving out and the other moving in, Christmas, one night of super duper fun company and a very, very pregnant lady at the reins of the the whole project!

Thanks to all who have helped us the last 2 weeks! We have the BEST family and friends! You are all greatly appreciated and loved!

We will post some pictures when we are all ready and decorated!

Thanks again to everyone for their help! We hope that you all have a wonderful beginning to the new year!

Just a few pictures of the past few weeks:
Our (now) annual Christmas Eve Bowling festivities!
The girls with Santa
Maddie singing in her school program
Mia meeting and petting a REAL reindeer, her name is Prancer.
And, Carrie with a little naked doodling on the Magna Doodle...serious props to whoever invented those little gems!

Love you all!
The Cutlers

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holy Mess!!!

Well, here we are, 11 days until Christmas Day and what are we doing??? PACKING! We are getting ready to move on Friday. Sometimes I take a minute and ask myself what the heck we were thinking and then it is back to packing! But, so far so good and if my hormones will keep normal there won't be any more tears shed. (Let's just say I had a few "pregnant moments" last week as those of you who are really close to me know I almost NEVER,EVER,EVER cry! Not even when my babies have been born!)

So, in your spare moments of not Christmas shopping and inbetween all of your Holiday cheer....say a prayer for us that we survive the next 11 days.

And, Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!! I love this time of year, I think about it all year long and I am so glad that it is here and that we are so close to our families and able to spend it with them!

Happy Holidays from us!

I tried to post some pics but it is not currently working....they will come soon!