Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, the Joys of Cold Weather....I Think!

So, last weekend, Ryan and I were watching a movie and could hear something rolling around. Naturally we thought it was a child out of bed...not the case. (For once I might add!) So Ryan went to ivestigate. It sounded like it was under the washer and dryer...where after a couple of minutes I remembered that a couple of Sour Ball candies had escaped to a few months ago. So, we decided that it must be a mouse. A few days went by and we hadn't heard any other unusual sounds so we sort of forgot about it.

Well, on Tuesday, I had been to Mia's pre-school to help out and when we got home I, the pregnant bellied lady, had a visit from the "Tinkle Fairy", so into the little bathroom I went. I looked into the toilet to find what looked to be a KID poop left for me (which happens often! So gross!). After looking once more I realized that this kid poop was clinging to the side of the toilet bowl (HOLY TALENTED POOPERS!). Then, I realized that this kid poop had a thin tail protruding from it......................uh, not a kid poop, a MOUSE! Luckily Ryan was home, as I quickly backed away saying,"Uhh, there's a mouse in the toilet!" (Ryan said he was so proud of me that I didn't run away screaming and sqealing!)

So, my super smart, calm hubby went into the bathroom to see for himself and decided to close the lid until we knew what we would do. I could see the idea of the "Jedi Burial" memories from his mission flashing through those eyes, which I quickly dismissed for him. (JEDI BURIAL DEFINITION: While in the Phillipines, these oh so mature 19-21 year old boys, uh I mean men, would pour alcohol on these poor little mice, then light them on fire and watch them run around their apartment.) He came up with the better option of giving that mouse the ultimate surf lesson. FLUSHAROO!!! So, down he went, 3 or 4 times.

Now, each time I go into that bathroom, I have to check to see if there is a mouse in there and especially in the toilet. Mia, since she was home, is especially sensitive to this situation and for the first couple of days after would ask me everytime she would go to the bathroom (which is a lot by the way, that girl has a bladder the size of a pea!) to check the toilet for a mouse. Poor kid, traumatized for life!

So, there is our first mouse story as a married couple, first mouse ever in my own house.....probably not the last, but here's to hoping!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We have been busy this past month with school, being sick and all of these crazy kids! We had fun watching the leaves turn colors and fall to the grass and playing in them in the beautiful weather we had! They girls thought that this was so much fun!!!

We had a great time while daddy was in Utah catching a BYU game....lots of relaxing and eating things for dinner that dad wouldn't have really enjoyed! And, to top it all off, he brought home a very LARGE new member of our family! We'll let you figure out which picture belongs to this information....let's just say mommy is soooo excited!!!!!!!!!

We carved some pumpkins and mom was over-joyed that the big girls were so willing to help retrieve the guts of the pumpkins...thanks for getting all the goo out girls! Halloween was really fun this year, Mia was really into saying Trick-or-Treat and quickly getting from house to house, whether or not anyone else was ready or not! We had fun showing off our costumes to our Grandmas and Grampas and Aunts and Uncles and of course, cousin Jack!

The baby in the belly is growing fast...lots of uncomfortable days and nights with all this stretching and "room-making"...but things are going really well and I can't complain too much.......although, better out than in, as I always say!

We are excited that it is already November!!! We are going to put our Halloween candy to good use with a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, thank you Family Fun Magazine! We can hardly wait to see some much anticipated visitors, Mellie, Trevor and baby Spencer!!!!! David, we wish you could be here! (You like dogs, right?) We may even get to have a sighting of an East Coast brother...Ryan's brother Allen may be coming sometime this month for a "last hurrah visit" before Cutler's leave to Frankfurt, Germany for their Public Relations mission...won't they have a great time there??? They will hopefully get the opportunity to travel to several countries in Europe! As you may have speculated, or already know, we will be staying in their house while they are gone....I know, moving while like 7 1/2 months pregnant, sounds fun, bet you're jealous!!!!!

So, enjoy the pictures, hope that you, whoever you are, are doing well!!! Get ready for Turkey day and don't forget....only like 8 weeks 'til Christmas, YIKES!!!!