Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Fourth and Goal"

Well, not only is football season upon husband has mentioned how excited he is about a million times...but we are going to be making an addition to our family in February! Yup, you heard it here, the Cutler's are havin' a baby!

We are due February 17, 2010. Other than feeling like I am no longer human, things are going great and I am happy to be a week away from the 2nd trimester. That usually brings back some semblance of human activity and life back to me!

So, I was showing the girls a picture of an ultrasound and explaining to them that the baby is inside the peanut shape so that they could pick out the tiny white blob that is our baby and they were able to see it. Then, the next morning, Mia came up to me and says.......Mom, I want to see that nut! Each time she talks about the baby she calls him/her "the nut".

So, all is going well...a belly to soon be sported and a "shout out" to my new best friend...Zantac!!! As Juno says, "I have heartburn that is radiating from my knee caps!"