Thursday, July 30, 2009


We have been bad about getting our pictures onto the blog! We have been having a great summer. The girls had swimming lessons in Cutler's pool, we had a fun 4th of July swimming, drinking Root Beer and Orange Cream sodas and doing fire works!

Maddie celebrated her 6th birthday and got some great loot...the Nintendo DS was the greatest hit of all! Don't worry, Ryan has ordered Tetris for me so I am totally excited!!! (I have a "THING" for Tetris.) Maddie also lost her second tooth. After much convincing and a bit of mouth prying open, one swipe of the finger over the tooth and out it came!

Mia is, well, Mia. She is always unpredictable and always has something clever to say. She is practicing her letting writing skills and can write her own what if she insists on spelling it "MAI" her preschool teachers will have fun convincing her otherwise!

Carrie is a talking machine...her new thing she loves is to ask me to wash her hands, or sanitize. My 3rd little germ-o-phobe...I am certainly rubbing off on them! She still continues to loving and longingly ask me as we walk past her room..."Na-NI?" That child LOVES nap and be time...I am truely blessed. The other two stinkers hated both! (Still do!)

We are getting excited...ok, I am getting is that time of year when the adds are chuck full of my most favorite finds...SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!!! Ryan laughs at me every year, but what can I say? I live for the back to school adds with all of those can't turn them down deals on an endless supply of yummy smelling paper and crayons, markers and paints, maybe a new pair or two of scissors, glue sticks, regular glue, and my favorite pens in all the world...Pentel R.S.V.P. black pens.......I am so excited my heart is pounding just writing this...MUST..GO..SHOPPING..SOON!!!!!!!

So, happy back to school shopping to you all and just in case you were wondering school starts in 31 days!!! Whose counting though, right?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We took the big girls to Disneyland in June...we had such a wonderful time! We flew to L.A., it was Mia's first plane ride and Maddie's first ride that she could remember. They were so cute with their big eyes and smiles. They were so excited when anything would happen. They especially loved the propellers and when the wheels would come down.

We stayed in a hotel close to Disneyland. We walked to and from the park....poor Mia was exhausted from walking so much. (Should have brought a stroller!) They were really good girls about walking so much, and we really walked them to death! I think they are still tired!

The girls had a great time seeing all of the characters and princesses. It is so fun to see those little faces light up! Maddie was a trooper and went on every ride she could go on...even if she was nervous. Her favorite ride was Splash Mountain. She and Ryan went on it 5 least. Mia's favorite ride was the Matterhorn. After we went on it the first time, Maddie said that she didn't want to go on it ever again. Before the ride was over, Mia said, "Let's go again!"
She and Ryan went on it 4 or 5 times!

The shows at night were fabulous. All of the fireworks were awesome, and the new Fantasmic show was amazing! There were pirate ships and movies on the fountain spray and boats with princes and princesses. It's true, nobody does it like Disney!!!!

We also went to the beach. Both girls got knocked over by the first wave that hit them...oh how I wish I had a picture of it! They were very surprised, but no tears! They had a great time building sand castles and running away from the waves with daddy.

All in all I think it was a very successful trip, we can't wait to go back again!

Enjoy our pictures, but beware, there are a million!!!!!