Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vancouver and Whistler, Canada.......AAAHHH, Vacation.

Ryan and I just returned from "holiday" in Canada....or as Ryan calls it "America's Hat". We flew into Vancouver and headed straight to Stanley Park to visit the aquarium. The park is so amazing! You could spend days there walking through and enjoying all of the beautiful trees and gardens. It is bigger than Central Park in New York City. The aquarium has so many beautiful fish and a long time lover of dolphins I was amazed at their strength and beauty! For some reason they have always been a wonder to me! The jelly-fish were also unbelievable...they re my second favorite! The sloth was really cool, it was just hanging out still as could be, it almost looked fake.

The next morning, we rode the Rocky Mountaineer to Whistler. What a great experience, Canada is a very beautiful, scenic country. The mountains and trees were beautiful! They give great commentary about the places and things that you are passing by and the train slows so that you can get great pictures and a really good look. There was a car in the middle of the train that was open, and very windy, where you could enjoy the scenery first hand without windows!

We spent the next day in Whistler biking around the lakes and golf courses and through the mountains. It was so much fun...Ryan only ran me off the path once! I'm telling you, he always finds a way to either knock me down (ice skating in Sun Valley) or run me off the road...but I still love you!

Then we rode the train back to Vancouver and headed to the Vancouver Look-out where you can see the beautiful city. We learned that it was actually opened by Neil Armstrong. We thought that was interesting!

Then it was off to our hotel to get ready for an EARLY flight....we had to be up at 4 am. At around 2:15 am we were awakened by what sounded like the sound an elevator makes when it opens...which happened to be the fire alarm. I was looking all over the room for an alarm or something, went into the hallway to see what was going on and the lady next door said it was the indeed the fire out we went to stand in the parking lot for 30 minutes. Let's just say...4 am came way too fast!

So, here we are at home...back to reality. Boy do I love vacation!

Enjoy our pictures!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Job Maddie!!!!!

I was in Maddie's classroom yesterday and Ms. Wilkins came up to me and asked what we are doing with Maddie at home. I wasn't exactly sure what she was referring to so I said...what do you mean?? She said that Maddie had just tested at a First Grade Spring IRI level.....which basically means that for reading, she is a whole year ahead of where she should be!! Maddie is reading a perfect 59 words per minute! I am so proud of her, we have worked really hard all year long doing reading minutes every day and Maddie reads herself to sleep every night. She has worked really hard and I am very proud of her. It is really amazing to see what these little minds can do!