Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carrie decides to take up walking....

14 months and 3 days of hard training and Carrie decides to use the two feet approach. She is now all over the place and trying her best to keep up with her big sisters.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The "FRP"

Here we are out at the "FRP" (Final Resting Place) as my parents call it. We had gone over for General Conference on Sunday and some yummy dinner. It was such a beautiful day with the perfect amount of wind for flying a kite. Maddie and Mia were so thrilled to be able to see the kite flying so high. Maddie was so proud of her flying skills...only one crash into the side of the hill!!! However, I am not sure who had more fun flying the kite, the little girls or the big boys. Papa George was even able to wind in the kite from 200 feet out all the while sitting in the same chair. The girls and Sydnie took a hike out to the "Great Valley" in pursuit of some hidden treasure....they decided that they would have more luck next time. (Better go hide the treasure box.) Carrie and Jack showed off their baby skills...those two are so adorable. Lots of babbling and crawling and doing things that they weren't supposed to...mostly Carrie. She is the definition of sneaky. It is so beautiful up there in Hidden Springs, we just love how it is like a mini vacation when we go there. So quiet and relaxing. It's awesome to be so close to nature....that's why I love Idaho so much! The other exciting news was that on our way in we checked the bird nest in the wreath and there were 3 tiny eggs and when we left one had hatched and there was the tiniest fuzzy bird. If you listened real close you could hear it quietly chirping. What a fun weekend! Let's do it again in 6 months!

Carrie.....just walk already!

14 months old and still preferring to crawl around. She has taken some steps, but usually wimps out and just resorts to crawling. Here is her funny skateboard scoot that she does when she is holding something in her hand and can't use it to crawl.