Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today we celebrated Mia's 3rd birthday!!! She requested caramel rolls for breakfast, we watched a movie together....that we started at 7:30 AM.....and then she got to go with Papa George and Gramma Lee-Lee for the day!!!! They had lunch and then went to Build-A-Bear and Mia got to make the cutest Hello Kitty ever!!!!! Now the Hello Kitty party theme was complete. She was absolutely adorable all excited and jumping around opening presents and telling us all about her adventure! I can't wait to see how Hello Kitty does at the Doctor's Office (Mia got a Dr. Kit from Papa Riley and Gramma C.C.) as Papa George had no temperature or blood (pressure that is!). Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Only January but .....'s some pictures from our fun at Christmas!!! We had a great time with our family. We had a party with the Cutler's complete with Holiday Bingo and chimes. Christmas Eve we took the kids bowling and we had so much fun!!! I even broke 100 is an absolute miracle! We got a Wii from Santa and have really enjoyed watching the kids play and have had a lot of fun playing ourselves! Papa Riley and Grandma C.C. came over Christmas morning for Caramel Rolls and hot chocolate and presents of course!! Then Papa George, Grandma Lee Lee, Kevin, Sydnie, Jeff, Laura and Jack came over for some yummy lasagna and dessert and more presents and fun with the Wii.......we had to pry Lee Lee away, and by the way, we haven't seen you for your "bowling league"!
We had a wonderful time with everyone and we are just so glad that we all live so close!