Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's been a while since we last posted, so I decided that today is the day! We have been having lots of fun having Melissa, Trevor and David in town a week or so ago! The kids had a blast. Maddie and Trevor loved each other and playing together...Maddie could tell Trevor whatever she wanted him to do and he would willingly oblige...hope she enjoyed that because I have a feeling that next time he may not be so willing since he will be a bit older and better able to express to her everything he wants to say. (HMMMM, sound like anyone we know........MIA!!!) Now, Mia and Trevor on the other hand, that is a tricky little relationship. LOVE-HATE if you will. We had fun watching them react to one another.

We had lots of fun Rock Banding....everyone got in on the action! It was such a blast.

Michael left on his mission to South Africa. When we went to see my family on Thanksgiving Mia said to me,"Mama, Mikey won't be der, he's at da temple." So cute!!!!! I tried to explain to her that he is gone on his mission but I don't think she was understanding.....that will be one long session at the temple!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a really fun Halloween...Maddie was an Olympic gymnast and Mia was yet again a cow! She loves that costume. Carrie was a pumpkin...well sort of, if a onsie counts for a costume! We went Trick or Treating at the Canyon County Courthouse where Ryan used to work and where incidentally is still somewhat of a "celebrity", there were so many of the people on his old floor that would say,"Oh, this must be Ryan Cutler's family, look at that little girl, she looks just like him!" That would be our little Maddie. Then we went to Gramma C.C. and Papa Riley's for some hang out time and pizza...pumpkin shaped pizza that is. Then we took the kids to a few of their neighbor's houses and then we headed off to Kevin's HS football game...S'go Eags! The girls wore their costumes where the showed off their cuteness to Gramma Lee Lee and Papa George and of course, Aunt Sydnie! We had so much fun just hangin' out and not walking all around the neighborhood...I am sure that our year is coming, but as long as I can trick them into thinking that going to the County office IS Trick or Treating we will stick with that plan!!!!!