Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maddie Turns 5!!!

Today is Maddie's Birthday....5 years old. (Although the festivities were stretched over about 5 days!) Last year her birthday was all about princess. Princess decorations, cake, presents, you name it! This year all she wanted was a radio so that she can listen to her music and dance in her room. So, she got what she asked for and now it is dance party all the time! She chose to have a beach themed party with a beach ball cake and snow cones, swimming, and the water slide with her cousins and friends. She got an awesome whale and dolphin book that she has yet to put down and a beautiful rose from Sydnie! Some cool school clothes, Candyland and Crazy 8's from Papa George and Lee Lee. A cute umbrella for rainy day walks with Papa Riley and C.C. Various things for paper projects from the Taylor boys (a hit by the way, we have been cutting and gluing like crazy!). The Cutler cousins came through with a fun rocket and hopscotch and some matching "sunnies" and shirt from Kiley. I decided that every girl needs a pedicure so she and Mia had pedicures and got to soak their feet in my foot massager! There were lots of giggles.

Maddie had a great day, thanks to all of you who helped to make it so special! Thanks for help with making treats and letting us invade backyards and clubhouses!!!!
We had a wonderful time celebrating Maddie. She is now ready for her next adventure...KINDERGARTEN! She can't wait, and in some moments, neither can we!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carrie's First Rice Cereal

Carrie has been extra hungry lately so we decided that it was time to give rice cereal a try!! She loved it and would follow my hand everywhere trying to get another bite. At one point I had to hold her arms so that she wouldn't grab the bowl and spoon! The big girls thought she was hilarious. She slicked it all up and we'll try again tomorrow!

Twilight Criterium

This past weekend we went to the bike race that is held every year in downtown Boise. This was the first year that we took the girls and they had a great time! Mia cheered VERY loudly for all of the racers and they both thought the clickers were awesome! I am sure that next year will be even more of a blast with Carrie more in the action!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mustache or No Mustache????

Ryan always jokes about leaving a mustache when he shaves and on this particular day, he did! HANDLE BAR MUSTACHE none the less! Needless to say it only lasted about 24 hours, but those were 24 very proud hours for him. May I just say, I like no mustache...I couldn't keep a straight face when I looked at him, let alone have a serious conversation!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coeur D'Alene

We just returned from CDA where we visited Ryan's brother Camron and his wife Mindy and their kids Kiley and Cade. We spent the 4th of July there and enjoyed the great weather and great food! The drive up there is beautiful...much prettier than the drive to Utah! The girls had a great time following the river and keeping track (quite loudly I will add) of whose side of the car the river was on!!! They were really great little travelers! Even Carrie was a trooper.
Maddie, Mia and Kiley had so much fun playing out back collecting purple tree sap that would take them to Neverland. They spent 2 days preparing for their trip! Kiley has quite the skill in toe and finger nail painting and creating quite the cute hair-dos!! Maybe a career in the making???
Maddie and Mia jumped on a trampoline (after much deliberation) for the very first time and loved it. Although, there will be no permanent jumping in this back yard!
Cade is the best fruit eater I have ever seen...the boy loves his fruit (and, as you will see in the pictures, the corn cob!)! I especially enjoyed his snuggle the first day we got there, even if he was only trying to mooch my bread! And, I loved how he would open his eyes really wide and say "WOW". What a cutie!!!
Needless to say our trip was fun and relaxing and it was great to be with our family! Here is a slide show of photos from our trip.